dlk interview

Chain D.L.K. - Interview with Tycho Brahe, covering topics like learning to produce your own albums and the tricky work of naming them.

The title "Atlantic" was an oblique and cynical reference to the fact that most of our audience for the album would be in the US and/or Europe, which are linked by the Atlantic Ocean. It's my private metaphorical face slap to the typical majority mainstream Australian music buying sheep who are force fed and accept crap music on the mainstream radio courtesy of a radio monopoly and major labels, working in conjunction with co-owned crap music video TV shows, and none of that music is synthpop. Its typically "R&B" or Idol type rubbish, it's like a McDonald's burger for the ears.

...don't you love it when Ken tells it like it is! :)

[ Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2006 by 200ok ]