happy 8th birthday, tycho website!

Eight years ago (to the day!) the first version of this site was launched: "the first unofficial tycho brahe fanboy page" was added as part of my personal website. It lived there for just a few short weeks before moving to tycho.gil.com.au on 1999.07.25.

The site stayed there until 2003.10.24 when it moved to www.tycho.com.au and here we are!

In eight years the site has provided news, mp3s, videos and photos to thousands of tychfans the world over. We've survived all manner of web rites of passage from downtime to hacks to the old favourite "web guy broke it".

For a trip down web memory lane, check out the Wayback Machine's archives of tycho.gil.com.au and tycho.com.au. I still have a soft spot for the old "in the beginning..." splash page :)

We always try to make this site fun and useful... and remember we always welcome feedback! You can drop us a line any time via the contacts page.

So anyway, happy 8th birthday to the site... here's to many happy returns!


[ Posted Thursday, June 07, 2007 by 200ok ]