transatlantic - most jinxed CD....EVER!

Ok folks, it's official! Transatlantic is the most jinxed CD ever to grace this good earth!

This track for track remixed version of our previous album Atlantic is now *finally* available at Brisbane's Rockinghorse Records, physically on the shelf and also online (search on "tycho") for a RRP of AUD$19.95

We will also have it available at this Saturday's "Upgrade" festival for $15.

"So why are you saying it's jinxed, maaaan?", I hear you ask......well, apart from long delays in receiving remixes and requiring a complete booklet reprint, destroying the shrinkwrapping in the process and necessitating manual reassembly of the booklets into the cases, it seems that Transatlantic shares it's barcode number with another Section 44 release! The same barcode was supplied for both CDs, meaning that it's created a problem with online US supplier CD Baby with a flow on effect for digital distro (eg iTunes). Another problem to sort out! Arrrrgh!

Never mind....just go and buy it, it's actually very very good with remixes from Boxcar, Real Life, The Tenth Stage, EMP, Angeltheory, Tankt, Process Void, Garland Cult and ourselves, plus it has the video for "Don't Feel That Way" as a bonus!

When the current barcode issue is sorted out you'll read it here first :-)

[ Posted Friday, October 26, 2007 by Ken ]