youtube sightings

A couple of Tycho things have appeared on Youtube....

First up, some live footage of our performance at the Tivoli with John Foxx last Sunday - it's part of "Dislocation". You can't see Stephen on the drums in this, but if you watch very closely you will spot Andy hammering out the bassline on his trusty Roland Axis keytar.

Click here for Dislocation Live

Also, a very cool little clip for the Tycho Brahe remix of Real Life's "Imperfection", from the "Dance Dance Revolution 3" X-Box game. The full remix (which had a little more bass than the audio on offer here) was available with the US release of Real Life's album, errrrrm, "Imperfection"! An extended remix was also released on the CD single, "Oblivion".

Click here for Imperfection (Tycho Brahe Remix)



[ Posted Sunday, May 11, 2008 by Ken ]