All of you here in Australia and many of you in other countries would be aware of the devastating bushfires in the state of Victoria over the last few days. At the time of writing, over 180 people are confirmed dead, many more are injured with dreadful burns, and over 5000 are homeless. The toll is expected to rise. The magnitude and sheer horror of this, Australia's worst natural disaster, is difficult to comprehend; the emotional, psychological, economic and environmental repercussions will be felt for years to come.

I am unsure as to what can be done from overseas, however here in Australia at least, monetary donations from individuals and businesses can be made to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. This can be done securely online or by telephone, Red Cross will not deduct any funds from this appeal for administration costs. All funds received will be kept in a Trust Fund set up by the Victorian Government, donations over $2 are tax deductible.

In addition to this, the Victorian Bushfire Public Accommodation donation line is coordinating donations of billeting/housing and accommodation within Victoria. If you can assist with accommodation and reside within Victoria, phone 1800 006 468.

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[ Posted Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by Ken ]