ten years and a new design

Screenshot of the original splash page

Ten years ago (to the day!) I created "the first unofficial tycho brahe fanboy page" as part of my homepage. It was common practice back then to include a 'what's new' page, which is how I know the date :)

The site was certainly a product of its time, comprised almost entirely of text and including a splash page (with the impractical but fondly-remembered "In the beginning was the voice." intro - shown on the left). It was the days of dialup and the MP3 page held only tiny snippets, and even then we had to explain where to get some software to play them.

Over the past decade that little page has grown significantly and ultimately become about as official as an "unofficial" site can be. It's had several addresses and lived on at least three webhosts that I can recall. It has been up, down, hacked, restored and on a couple of memorable occasions nearly killed by sudden traffic spikes.

In all that time the site has really only had two designs, the original text-only and the slighly-updated grey-bars-and-text design.

So to celebrate the site's tenth birthday I present the third design, an evolution of the minimal look that has served us well for so long - just with the radical innovation of spot colour ;) I've tried to tap into the wonderful clean-and-bold aspects of the synthpop aesthetic. I hope you like it.

There are probably some bugs to iron out and a few corners of the site are still being migrated into the design; if you hit any major problems please drop us a line. But otherwise, it's ready to enjoy.

I must give credit to Leah for helping with this build, providing invaluable design advice and enduring my random "hey can you look at this?" demands. Also thanks to Alastair who helped with the header graphic. Finally I'm compelled to mention an unlikely hero: my tiny little netbook (Asus Eeepc 1000h) which has been used for this entire rebuild, as my desktop machine blew up just before I started.

- heretic

[ Posted Monday, July 06, 2009 by 200ok ]