ric's gigs cancelled

Hi Folks,

Well there's two types of news - and unfortunately this first part is the "bad" sort....

Due to unforeseen circumstances our two remaining gigs at Ric's for September and October are cancelled. We've tried to find a solution but ultimately can do nothing to make these gigs happen. We have a bunch of A3 posters left from the September show, which are now obsolete. I figure that rather than throw these away, if anyone would like one for FREE then please email me off list at tycho33(at)hotmail.com with your name and address, and I'll mail you one (or more if you want). We can sign these if you want (or not) - let me know.

The upside is that this frees up very limited spare time to work on recording - in the last week mixing has been completed on a new song, Lullaby (nothing to do with The Cure), which will appear on the next album, plus a subsection of that song mixed as Lullaby (Reprise) (yes it's an orchestral piece). The vocal mix of 1985 (GM '85 Remix) is also very close to finalisation.

The latter, in addition to the regular Tycho crew, features guest musicians Arthur Barrow from Los Angeles (Frank Zappa, Giorgio Moroder) on bass guitar and synth, and local Brisbanite Cameron Ball (Company Sin) on guitar. This is a very special one off remix in the style of Giorgio Moroder circa 1985 (of course). I'm not sure what format this will be released in, it may end up being an iTunes digital single or something....

Stay tuned!

[ Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 by Ken ]