1985 (GM '85 remix)

The artwork has been finalised for the 1985 (GM '85 Remixes) single! Digital and CD distribution is currently being set up in the US, but in the meantime you can hear "1985 (GM '85 Remix)" featuring guest artist and Giorgio Moroder's main '80s man Arthur Barrow on synth and bass guitar over at our Myspace.
The release also features an '80s style extended version and instrumental dub, so if you're a fan of mid '80s Moroder (eg Electric Dreams, Berlin, Irene Cara, Limahl, etc) please be sure to check it out when it becomes available on iTunes etc - you'll read about it here first!
The artwork, reflective of the mid '80s era, is a departure from previous Tycho releases, as is the '80s Moroder style of the remixes themselves. This is best explained in the liner notes of this release: "This recording is an homage to those days. A novelty. An oddity. A pastiche. A lot of fun to create. A song celebrating the year 1985, remixed in the style of 1985's greatest synthpop hit maker, Giorgio Moroder. A glimpse of what Tycho may have sounded like if it had existed at that time."
In Arthur's own words: "So authentic it hurts!"

And the zebra print artwork? What's with that, eh? It's actually a close up photo of a shirt I used to wear in 1985, as seen in this Polaroid from, errrm, 1985...also note the skinny leather tie and long fringe. Yes, I still have the shirt. What you can't see in this photo is the very cool but utterly useless side buttoning pocket :-)


[ Posted Thursday, November 26, 2009 by Ken ]