tycho spotting

Here at Tycho Central we're recovering from playing a full two sets for a private function last night, at Brisbane's Bar Soma. A nice crowd in a good venue, and a lot of fun to perform again after a lengthy break. Maybe we should get out more often, eh?

Pictured at left is Tycho's one time roadie, now pro photographer, Mr Angus Young, displaying his sense of fashion *and* geography in this savvy rockster pose, somewhere in Sweden!

This photo has been added to the Myspace album "Tycho T Shirt", which also features the lovely Mil Clayton modelling her Tycho wear on Mt Kilimanjaro. If anyone else has any cool Tycho travel photos out there, please be sure to send them in our direction, we'd love to see more of this!

[ Posted Monday, June 14, 2010 by Ken ]