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It would appear that someone, I would not know who, has got their hands on the rear projection footage that Francis did for "Delos" at Transcom's Bernard Sumner event a couple of years ago. They've re-edited it a little, and married it up with the 'XX50 Rejoined' version of Delos from the Avarice CD single.

Of course, we here at Tycho Central would never sanction such a thing, as it is comprised solely of footage from the uber-classic sci-fi techno-thriller movie, Westworld, and we don't exactly have the rights to that.

Having said that, give it a look. It's a way cool movie, set in the futuristic resort "Delos", where "nothing can go wrong" - except for the unstoppable psychopathic robot gunslinger Yul Brynner! Penned by the late Michael Crichton (famously responsible for Jurassic Park), this movie gave the instrumental song a name and identity.

Click here or on the photo to see it:

[ Posted Friday, July 30, 2010 by Ken ]