how you can help rebuild tycho central...

Surge Subside Parralox Flood Relief Megamix

There are currently two separate fundraising activities put together by fellow musicians, which will directly contribute funds to assist in the rebuilding of Tycho Central and our house.

If you are a fan of synthpop and electro, check out the exclusive Parralox Flood Relief Megamix, click on the picture at left or go to

For those who prefer their music a little more to the industrial side of things, check out the awesome "Surge & Subside" compilation (right) put together by label Aphotic Audio, featuring acts such as Assemblage 23, Psyche, Angelspit, Empty, Angeltheory and many, many more...

We here at Tycho wish to sincerely thank all those in the music community who have given so generously of their time and creativity, to assist us in this very difficult time.

[ Posted Friday, February 25, 2011 by Ken ]