facebook and the tycho martini!

If you haven't already seen, or if you just avoid social networks, there's now a Tycho Brahe Facebook page. This will be (for the foreseeable future) the principal means of sporadic band updates, in conjunction with the Tycho site right here of course, which will be used for more major announcements!

Visit the Tycho facebook page now for updates on what's happening with Tycho right now, or at least, errrrm, just then. There's also a bunch of photos from our gigs with Psyche, the infamous "Schmoozing with Tycho" photo album is slowly being migrated there from Myspace, and you can access our online Music Store to preview (and/or buy) *almost* every and any Tycho recording ever released!

And don't miss this - snuck onto the Tycho site recently under the heading of "about" was the official band cocktail - the Tycho Martini. Guaranteed to get you through the most gruelling hexadecimal programming session ;-)

Cheers indeed!

[ Posted Sunday, November 27, 2011 by Ken ]