2021 can fuck off as well

Here's Tycho Brahe's ode to the year that was 2021, and follow up to 2020 anthem Fuck Off 2020. No actual harm is intended to the Greek alphabet. Note there is a LANGUAGE WARNING (obviously), as this song drops the "F bomb" 33 times (count them if you wish), averaging approximately one every 4 seconds.

We encourage everyone to share this song far and wide as much as they wish to help farewell the shit sandwich of a year that was 2021. Play it at your New Year's Eve party on the stroke of midnight and sing along!

Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in multiple file formats on Bandcamp, on Youtube (click on the picture),  and coming to all digital streaming and download services very soon!

Happy New Year from all at Tycho Central :-)

[ Posted Tuesday, December 28, 2021 by Ken ]