only a sin - new single and video

ONLY A SIN is Tycho's new single, currently available exclusively on Bandcamp, where you can find the original (video) version of the song and an extended club version - "Only A Sin (Risk Aversion)". The single will be released on other major streaming platforms in early 2024. 

Only A Sin is a '90s influenced dance track incorporating elements of eurodance and freestyle, with nods to Pet Shop Boys and New Order, yet unmistakably Tycho with Georgina on lead vocals, and Ken on vocoder and bass guitar.

A Yamaha Peter Hook Signature Broad Bass Guitar was used in the studio sessions, however long term Tychfans will note that in the video the original Tycho "ANGER" bass guitar makes a rare appearance, as used on the Cassiopeia and Tasty albums and at many live gigs from the mid '90s though to early '00s. Also making a guest appearance in the video is Tycho Central canine resident, Trip L'Spot.

Links to Bandcamp are in the video description, to see the video click on the picture, or click HERE.


[ Posted Friday, December 22, 2023 by Ken ]