warning - piracy, trojans and fraud

Earlier this week it was discovered that illegal copies of the new album Atlantic had been placed on file sharing systems, including some websites of a type commonly associated with credit card fraud.

These events were particularly upsetting for the band since their own copies had not even arrived in Australia when the pirate copies were discovered. To add insult to injury, several people investigating the websites later had to remove trojans (viruses) from their computers.

Subsequently the band has warned people to steer clear of these websites, since

  1. they are illegal and financially damaging and counter-productive to the band and label;
  2. there is a demonstrated high risk of virus infection from these sites; and
  3. as reported at side-line.com many of these "1 dollar mp3" sites are involved in credit card fraud, and the credit card companies will not assist in these cases as the downloads are illegal to start with.

Safe and legal purchase options are available for Tycho Brahe releases - see where to buy for details.

[ Posted Friday, March 31, 2006 by 200ok ]