free by christmas + transatlantic for 2007 + buy online with cd baby

free ep coming soon

The Free EP/single should be released in Australia just before Christmas, making it a perfect stocking-stuffer! Although as Ken points out, this does assume the new product doesn't cause the printer to explode into flames like it did last year!

The tracklist for Free is:

  1. Free (The Tenth Stage Remix)
  2. Military Option (Boxcar Smoke and Mirrors Extended Mix)
  3. Free (The Tenth Stage Extended Remix)
  4. Don't Feel That Way (Original Version)*
  5. Sanctify (Alternate Version)
  6. Marianne (Extended Version)

* Note that Don't Feel That Way (Original Version) is completely different from the version that appears on Atlantic.

transatlantic for release early 2007

Label negotiations for the remix album Transatlantic - The Atlantic Remixes mean the release date will be pushed back to early 2007. The tradeoff will be better distribution and availability, so while we'll have to wait it will be much easier to get hold of Transatlantic when it's released.

now available at cd baby

Tycho Brahe CDs are now available for purchase online at CD Baby:

For all purchasing options (for both CDs and downloads), check out the where to buy page. Stay tuned as even more options are in the pipeline!

[ Posted Saturday, December 02, 2006 by 200ok ]