new release - triplex part 1
We here at Tycho Central are very excited to be able to finally announce the Triplex series of EPs!

Triplex Part 1 is the first in a three part series from Tycho Brahe, and picks up where the 2006 album Atlantic left off. This 4 song digital download release is available right now from CD Baby, with mp3 and FLAC files included in the purchase price of only US$3.50

After a brief dalliance with retro flavoured Hi-NRG cowbell music (Sex Rocket/Super Hot Robot), the Triplex EP series sees a return to Tycho Brahe's original dark synthpop direction, as established on the debut album Cassiopeia (2001), and further explored on Atlantic (2006).

Over the next few days Triplex Part 1 will also appear on iTunes and Amazon, and will eventually become available on other digital platforms such as Spotify and Triplex Part 2 and Triplex Part 3 are scheduled for release during 2014.

[ Posted Saturday, December 14, 2013 by Ken ]