Don't Feel That Way selling fast

Ken has warned that Rockinghorse Records' stocks of Don't Feel That Way have already sold out once, although they have some more stock now, instore and online at

Some stock is going to Cohaagen Music and a small number will be sold at gigs... but the bottom line is, if you want a copy, get in quickly!

[ Posted Tuesday, January 17, 2006 by 200ok ]

Don't Feel That Way released!

After a manufacturing delay (see below), Don't Feel That Way is now available for purchase!

Copies are in stock at Rockinghorse Records and will become available online via Acme in a couple of weeks. There's going to be a promo push once all outlets have stock, so get in quickly! Numbers are limited and stock will sell out quickly.

the delay

Manufacturing delay? Yes, indeed. The printer at the manufacturing plant jammed, overheated just before the DFTW sleeves were going to be printed.

In the band's words, from the email list:

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[ Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2006 by 200ok ]