the rob mitchell remixes

"The Rob Mitchell Remixes" EP, released November 4th 2021, is available for streaming or download from all the usual online platforms, as well as directly from our Bandcamp page in your choice of file format, as a "name your price" purchase - so, that's free if you want :-) 

The style of the remixes ranges from maybe what you might expect, through to some really left field unexpected genres, but all of these remixes will surprise you. Rob is a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer, and we're absolutely thrilled with what he has done to this collection of songs, using the original vocal tracks from the Cassiopeia album released waaaay back in 2000. 

Click on the artwork picture to take you directly to the Bandcamp page where you can listen to and download the individual tracks, or the entire EP.

[ Posted Sunday, November 28, 2021 by Ken ]