remix rocket

A quick update on what's happening...

We're working our way towards a single release for our ridiculous yet quite good song "Sex Rocket", with a possible launch (pun subconciously intended) gig in April. We have the song in regular flavour, 12 inch mix, remix by Dave Foreman (Tankt), remix by Neuropa, and a couple of other remixes which I shouldn't talk about until they're completed. T-shirt designs are complete. A stop motion Lego video is being made, it will have lots of visual innuendo, the plan is to get it screened on Rage. There will be fun.

Meanwhile I'm finishing up another unofficial Human League remix for a Danish website, recording a song I wrote just prior to last year's flood called "Only Rock 'n' Roll", and contemplating some new songs for the live set. Busy busy busy!

[ Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Ken ]

personalised tycho body art

We had a great time playing at Uber on New Year's Eve, our first gig with the new 4 piece line-up with Sam on keys and bass. The planned Sex Rocket T-shirts were not yet available so in lieu some impromptu body art was added to one very accommodating Tychfan! I have now decided that all future T-shirt plans will be cancelled, instead we will have a booth at our gigs so that I can personally draw body art on any lovely ladies requiring it ;-)

[ Posted Thursday, January 05, 2012 by Ken ]