1985 remixes sent for mastering

The Moroder-style remixes of 1985 have been completed and sent off to our mastering engineer, Kathy Naunton, at dB Mastering in Sydney. The mixes feature Moroder/Zappa bass virtuoso Arthur Barrow on bass guitar and triggered synth; Cameron Ball (from Brisbane act Company Sin) doing a fair imitation of Richie Zito on guitar; Tycho's own Andy Walls on keys; and my good friend Arthur Linn on drums ;-). These mixes sound as near as you could get to a mid '80s Moroder production - think Berlin, Electric Dreams, Scarface, Irene Cara, and, errrrm, Limahl....when the mastered versions are available, I'll post something on our Myspace player for your aural pleasure. Meanwhile, main vocal mixing is now complete on a new song, "Relentless". Next up for some recording work will be a track we've played live a couple of times, "Another Useless Photograph". The live side of things is pretty quiet at the moment, but is enabling some long overdue progress to be made on recording. Cheers, Ken.

[ Posted Sunday, October 11, 2009 by Ken ]