tycho interview at synthpop for the masses

SynthPoP For The Masses has an extensive interview with Tycho Brahe. Topics range from the band's history, name choice, influences, the state of synthpop and even world cup football!

[ Posted Monday, June 26, 2006 by 200ok ]

Atlantic now available in iTunes

Atlantic is now available for purchase in iTunes! Search for "Tycho Brahe" in your iTunes store or click the link below to open the TB listing.

Tycho Brahe in iTunes / Tycho Brahe.

Note: direct link method works best if iTunes is already installed on your computer; and your browser might ask first before opening iTunes.

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atlantic review

Italian site Chain DLK has a review of Atlantic online, with a four-out-of-five star rating.

Ken denies the Fixx and Flock of Seagulls influences, though!

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tycho at myspace

Tycho now has a Myspace site - tychobraheaustralia. For those of you with Myspace accounts... well you know what to do :)

[ Posted Thursday, June 15, 2006 by 200ok ]

airplay roundup

Top tens, airplay around the world...

  • WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland (www.wruw.org), Darkfield Imagery - May 27, 2006, Don't Feel that Way
  • WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland (www.wruw.org), Top 10 RPM - May 28, 2006, 7) Tycho Brahe - Atlantic [Cohaagen]
  • WZBC (www.wzbc.org), The Industrial Factory - 2006.05.21, Seventeen
  • WZBC (www.wzbc.org), RPM Report - 2006.05.22, Atlantic
  • WRSU RPM 5/23-29/06, #4 TYCHO BRAHE Atlantic
  • WRSU, Brandi Alexander: 5/23/06, Marianne
  • WRSU, Brandi Alexander: 5/29/06, Free
  • WRUW-FM (www.wruw.org) Top 10 RPM, May 22, 2006, #5 Tycho Brahe Atlantic [Cohaagen]
  • KUNM (kunm.org), RPM TOP 10 - 5/22/06, #8 TYCHO BRAHE Atlantic
  • WRUW-FM (www.wruw.org) Top 10 RPM, May 15, 2006, #4 Tycho Brahe Atlantic 
  • WARC FM (black planet radio), May 23, 2006, Marianne
  • In Perpetual Motion internet radio (www.IPMRadio.com), Saturday, June 10, 2006, Seventeen
  • WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland (www.wruw.org), June 3, 2006, Sanctity (Sanctify)
  • Beauty in Machinery (DJ Twitch), Saturday, 2006-05-06, Throwaway Fashion`

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tycho review in courier-mail

The review of Atlantic from the 8th June Courier-Mail has been posted online: Jason Nahrung - May 06 - Tycho Brahe.

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crash frequency volume two

Crash Frequency Volume Two is out now... Tycho have two tracks on this double-CD bonanza: Don't Feel That Way (Single Edit) on CD1 and the previously unreleased Avarice (George Pappas Real Life Remix) on CD2.

This compilation is very highly recommended... click the image below to buy it online!

Buy Crash Frequency 02 online from Surgeon X

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