the sheffield pilgrimage

I will be back at Tycho Central within a few days now, freshly inspired to move things along with Tycho and get some new material out. I spent today visiting the headquarters of the greatest synthpop band in the world, the band that personally started it all for's a photo of yours truly with Philip Oakey of the Human League, taken at HL Studios earlier today....

[ Posted Monday, December 15, 2008 by Ken ]

r.i.p. max the studio cat

photo of max walking on a keyboard

Some very sad news from Tycho Central... Max the Studio Cat has passed away at the grand old age of 18. Max disappeared a couple of weeks ago and due to his poor health, the Tychos have had to assume the worst.

Credited in the notes for every release, Max was Ken's constant studio companion... and critic! As Ken once put it: "I know if Max walks out, it's crap..."

Max is the eyes on the front cover and liner notes of Tasty. He's also responsible for the purring and slurping at the end of the CD - if you've ever wondered what that was, it was Max eating some cheese (his favourite food).

Faithful family pet and a part of the Tycho mythos, Max the Studio Cat will be sadly missed. In Ken's words: Max, wherever you are, you will be missed but will live on in our memories. Thanks for 18 great years my little friend, RIP.

[ Posted Thursday, December 11, 2008 by 200ok ]

ken in the uk

Things are a little quiet in Tycho land at the moment due to Ken being in the UK, schmoozing it up on the Steel City Tour with The Human League, ABC and Heaven 17. Here's a photo of Ken with Human League founder and Heaven 17 supremo, Mr Martyn Ware.

The tour is amazing, with all three bands delivering mind blowingly great sets - Heaven 17 backing vocalist Billie Godfrey is stunning audiences with her amazing powerful vocal performance on Temptation, unbelievably great stuff that words cannot convey. Human League's huge LED set is also something that must be seen to be believed. I will post some photos somewhere at a later date for those who are interested....

[ Posted Tuesday, December 09, 2008 by Ken ]