tour report now up

They came, they played, steam came off the top of Ken's Head.

The F 5000 Booty Juice Tour brought Tycho to Sydney to play with Covenant and a host of others, as part of the Under the Blue Moon festival.

In their adventures the Tychsters observed the wonders of Darlinghurst's locals; discovered the joys of driving a renter with full cover; debated the rock'n'roll-ness of Sydney Harbour; played the gig; drank the rider; then headed home...

For the full story, check out the The F 5000 Booty Juice Tour report, including photos and video!

[ Posted Saturday, November 22, 2008 by 200ok ]

tycho baby news

Some non-musical yet happy news....

Ex-Tycho bass keyboard player Alison Barclay and drummer Stephen Birt celebrated the arrival of their baby boy on October 31st (Halloween). Mum and baby are both doing well after an eventful delivery.

Stephen and Alison first met as members of Tycho Brahe, and have named their boy Noah Brahe as a nod to the band. Of course, this is a great honour and we here at Tycho Central are delighted!

Congratulations Stephen and Alison, and welcome to the world baby Noah :-)

[ Posted Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by Ken ]