March 2024 saw Tycho Brahe join The Human League on tour across Australia, thanks to Metropolis Touring and Destroy All Lines. The tour was a monster success for us, and to commemorate it here is the official video and single for FREE (2024 TOUR VERSION), a special arrangement of the song which we played at every show.

Created from audience videos sent to us by fans, the music video captures all the vibe, fun, and some of the crazy moments from across eight mostly sold out shows supporting The Human League!!!

Special thanks to Images by Jason for the artwork photos! (Links in video description.)

Download available on Bandcamp.

Click on the picture to go to the video on YouTube.

[ Posted Saturday, June 01, 2024 by Ken ]

the human league tour wrap up

Eight shows across five cities opening for The Human League to sold out audiences was always going to be very good - but we were not prepared for the phenomenal response that we received from every show. We have been flooded with very kind comments from a multitude of new fans both at shows and online, our t-shirts sold out before we finished the tour, and we sold a bunch of CDs too.

We will never forget the huge roar of applause from audiences during our performances in some of Australia's most iconic music venues, playing in Brisbane, Sydney (twice), Melbourne (twice), Adelaide, and Perth (twice) between March 6th and 17th, 2024.

We are investigating ways to get back out on tour as soon as possible, but in the meantime have started making our merchandise including t-shirts available online via Bandcamp for those who missed out at the merch desk. We'll also be getting another new tour-related release out asap.

Thank you everybody who assisted us, applauded at our shows, sang along, or commented - you are all amazing and make everything we do worthwhile. And of course, thank you to The Human League, Sidewinder Management, Metropolis Touring, and Destroy All Lines for having us on tour.

Click on the photo to go to our Facebook page where you can catch up on all the things that happened on tour; and all things Tycho Brahe can be found via Linktree

Photos from Photographer

[ Posted Thursday, March 21, 2024 by Ken ]

supernova - new single and video!

Ahead of going on tour with the mighty HUMAN LEAGUE across Australia, we are very proud to release a new single and video, SUPERNOVA. The single version is available on all major streaming platforms, however the extended "Moose Mix", Instrumental SN 1572, and Jepp's Acapella are exclusive to Bandcamp only.

Video on YouTube:

Exclusive mixes on Bandcamp:

[ Posted Friday, March 01, 2024 by Ken ]

tycho brahe to support the human league


We are incredibly pleased to announce that Tycho Brahe is the sole national support for The Human League on their upcoming Australian tour in March 2024! Thanks to Metropolis Touring and Destroy All Lines. Remaining tickets are available here:

[ Posted Wednesday, January 24, 2024 by Ken ]

only a sin - new single and video

ONLY A SIN is Tycho's new single, currently available exclusively on Bandcamp, where you can find the original (video) version of the song and an extended club version - "Only A Sin (Risk Aversion)". The single will be released on other major streaming platforms in early 2024. 

Only A Sin is a '90s influenced dance track incorporating elements of eurodance and freestyle, with nods to Pet Shop Boys and New Order, yet unmistakably Tycho with Georgina on lead vocals, and Ken on vocoder and bass guitar.

A Yamaha Peter Hook Signature Broad Bass Guitar was used in the studio sessions, however long term Tychfans will note that in the video the original Tycho "ANGER" bass guitar makes a rare appearance, as used on the Cassiopeia and Tasty albums and at many live gigs from the mid '90s though to early '00s. Also making a guest appearance in the video is Tycho Central canine resident, Trip L'Spot.

Links to Bandcamp are in the video description, to see the video click on the picture, or click HERE.


[ Posted Friday, December 22, 2023 by Ken ]